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Governance guide for foundations by former CEPS research assistant Steffen Bethmann

The design of effective governance mechanisms in foundations is and remains an important and much discussed topic. A guideline on this subject has now also been published in Chile, developed by the Centro de Filantropía e Inversiones Sociales (CEFIS) at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. The CEPS is pleased that this important topic continues to attract attention and in particular that Steffen Bethmann, former research assistant at CEPS, is the main author of the guide.

The guide «Guía Para la Gobernanza Efectiva de Fundaciones y Corporaciones en Chile» also makes reference to publications from/with the CEPS. If you feel like delving deeper into the topic of foundation governance, here are some suggestions:

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  • Bethmann, S., von Schnurbein, G. & Studer, S. (2014). Governance Systems of Grant-making Foundations. Voluntary Sector Review, 5(1), S. 75-95.
  • Sprecher, Th. / Egger, Ph./ von Schnurbein, G.: Swiss Foundation Code, Edition 2015, Foundation Governance Bd. 12, Basel: Helbing Lichtenhahn, 2015. >>