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New CEPS Publication – Foundations in Switzerland: Between the American and the German Cases

A central objective of the Center for Philanthropy Studies (CEPS) is to record the Swiss foundation sector in detail and thus make it more tangible. In their recently published article "Foundations in Switzerland: Between the American and the German Cases", CEPS Director Prof. Dr. Georg von Schnurbein and Marybel Perez, former researcher at CEPS, show how this contributes to understanding the local foundation landscape.

The latest publication in "American Behavioral Scientist" is the first CEPS article in a scientific journal to make use of the CEPS database on Swiss foundations. Thus it becomes possible for the two authors to describe where the Swiss foundation sector currently stands both with regard to its historical development as well as in relation to the foundation sectors in Germany and the USA.

It is shown that the Swiss foundation landscape is unique both in terms of its spatial density and its fields of activity. Furthermore, despite socio-economic changes in Switzerland, the sector can still be attributed in principle to the liberal model.

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