NEW Working Papers: Impact Investing and Role of nonprofit leadership in rural development


In working paper No. 13, Sara Stühlinger (CEPS) examines the perceptions of foundations and financial intermediaries on impact investing. Based on the interviews, the author proposes a division of impact investing into three segments. These segments are used to discuss key challenges (legal requirements, leadership) and normative issues (relation to purpose, underlying logic). Furthermore, the study shows that the institutional logics of both the management of assets and grant-making are changing.

In working paper No. 14, Oto Potluka (CEPS) and Petr Fanta (Czech Technical University) ask whether nonprofit leadership helps to develop rural areas and makes them attractive. The analysis of the 6,262 Czech municipalities underlined the importance of bottom-up approaches to voluntary engagement as opposed to top-down policies.

Potluka, O., Fanta, P. (2018). Role of formal and informal nonprofit leadership in rural development. CEPS Working Paper Series, No. 14, Basel: CEPS.

Stühlinger, S. (2018). In Need of Clarification: Current Perceptions of Impact Investing in the German and Swiss Foundation Sectors. CEPS Working Paper Series, No. 13, Basel: CEPS.

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