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NPOs looking for alternatives to public funding

A new study by the Center for Philanthropy Studies has, for the first time in Switzerland, assessed the influence of the market environment on nonprofit organizations (NPOs), as well as their future expectations.


According to the study, the greatest challenges that Swiss NPOs face are the raising of new funds – a fact tightly related to the reduction in available public funding – as well as increasing the public awareness of the organization. In addition, the recruitment of qualified employees is a growing problem, especially for large organizations. Notwithstanding these challenges, 79% of those surveyed are optimistic about the future. 

The publication «Konjunkturbarometer: A trend analysis of the Swiss NPO sector» – as part of the CEPS series «Forschung & Praxis» – illustrates how NPOs react to economic developments in their environment and presents factors that should be taken into account in a potential NPO economic barometer. Leading representatives from 77 NPOs took part in the study.

CEPS Forschung & Praxis Vol. 18 (available in German)