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Philanthropie Aktuell 02/2019: Impact Management

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Impact is a topic at the centre of attention and everyone seems to agree on the benefits of impact orientation. However, measuring impact also involves considerable challenges. The question of how to measure and manage impact efficiently and effectively is becoming more and more important. And this is exactly the question we are looking into in the second issue of Philanthropie Aktuell 2019.

In the lead article, Dr. Christian Schober of the Vienna University of Economics and Business argues that existing concepts of impact orientation are not sufficient and argues for a paradigm shift: away from output management towards a more comprehensive consideration of impact. On page 2, Patrizia Rezzoli and Beno Baumberger of the Beisheim Foundation explain how their organization deals with the complex issue of impact. And in our interview on page 3, Markus Mader, Director of the Swiss Red Cross, explains the viewpoint of an operative foundation on impact – thereby underlining the central value of stories. 

On page 4, we take stock of our first ever Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) «Entrepreneurship in Nonprofits»: more than 2,500 participants from around 150 countries have already clicked into our online classroom!

Thank you very much for your interest and loyal readership.

Philanthropie Aktuell 02/2019

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