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Philanthropie Aktuell 03/2019: Foundation boards – Between Honorary Office and Professionalism

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Much is expected from foundation boards. The entire responsibility for the management of a foundation lies with this body and foundation boards must fulfil their task in an increasingly complex environment and under increasing public observation. At the same time, foundation boards work on an honorary basis. How does this fit together? We address this question in the current issue of our newsletter Philanthropie Aktuell.

In the lead article, Dr. Roman Baumann Lorant, lawyer and lecturer for foundation, association and nonprofit law at the University of Basel, examines how honorary office and professionalism interact in foundation boards. In the interview on page 3, Helena Antonio, Head of the Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations, talks about the increased demands placed on foundation boards and foundations in general.

On page 2 we look back at the ERNOP conference hosted by CEPS this year, where 175 scientists met for two days to discuss current research findings on philanthropy.

We are particularly looking forward to the European Day of Foundations on 1 October - which we are celebrating with a very special event. Join us on a philanthropic city tour of Basel and immerse yourself in the world of foundations, patrons and philanthropists in the foundation capital of Europe.

Philanthropie Aktuell 03/2019

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