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Philanthropie Aktuell 04/20: New Work in NPOs

New Work! More and more often one comes across this term, both in the corporate and in the nonprofit world. This development is reinforced by the current Corona pandemic, which has strengthened the call for alternative organizational models. The fourth and last issue of Philanthropie Aktuell 2020 is devoted to this term and the variety of models it includes.

In the lead article, Sandro Antonello, Head of HR and organizational development at the foundation IdéeSport, provides insights into the foundation's transformation process towards an agile organization - and shows how this process enabled, among other things, a rapid expansion of services during the Corona pandemic. He emphasizes that agility does not equal chaos or lack of leadership, but that it requires active participation and rethinking on the part of all employees.

The term New Work covers a whole range of models concerned with self-organizing. Robert Schmuki, Head of Executive Education and Knowledge Transfer at the CEPS, discusses this range (see page 2). It becomes clear that every organization must find its very own way if it attempts to implement such models. Ursula Meyerhofer, lecturer at the CEPS course Nonprofit Governance & Leadership, equally emphasizes this point in the interview on page 3. Nonprofit organizations are advised to intensively review different models in order to determine the right path forward.

We wish you a pleasant read!