Philanthropie Aktuell June 2020 – The structural development of NPOs

[Translate to English:] Philanthropie Aktuell 02/2020: Die strukturelle Entwicklung von NPO

The worst phase of the COVID19 crisis seems to be over – and one is trying to find one‘s way back to familiar structures. Although a great deal of solidarity could be felt during the crisis, which expressed itself in the great voluntary commitment of the population and through many donations, the pandemic has nevertheless become a tough test of nonprofit organizations’ (NPOs) structural strength. In this sense, it appears fitting that we take a closer look at the structural development of NPOs in this year’s second issue of Philanthropie Aktuell.

In the lead article, Robert Schmuki, Head of Executive Education and Knowledge Transfer at the CEPS, presents a development model for NPOs, which we have elaborated on the basis of our experience in consulting processes. The model shows that crises are an important part of organizational development and offer the opportunity to rethink and further develop one’s structures. In this process, however, it is important for NPOs to be able to count on support. In the article on page 2 you can read how the Stiftung Mercator supports NPOs in their structural development.

The newly founded «Centro Competenze Non Profit» (CENPRO) has also set itself the goal of supporting NPOs in their structural development. In this issue’s interview, we talk to Giorgio Panzera, Managing Director of CENPRO, about the objectives of his foundation and the world of NPOs in southern Switzerland. At this point, congratulations on the center’s foundation!

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