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Philanthropie Aktuell March 2020 – Grantee Review Report: The Beneficiaries' Perspective

Grant-making foundations rarely receive direct and honest feedback from their most important stakeholders – their beneficiaries. On the one hand, this is understandable, as beneficiaries often have the next funding application in mind. On the other hand, important learning effects for both sides are lost.

Together with six funding foundations and one nonprofit association, the CEPS has therefore developed the «Grantee Review Report» in order to objectively record the beneficiaries’ perspective on the activities of grant-making foundations. The first issue of Philanthropie Aktuell 2020 is dedicated to this report. In the lead article, CEPS Director Georg von Schnurbein summarizes the report's main findings. In article on page 2 and in the interview on page 3, representatives of the grant-making and the beneficiary sides share their thoughts on the results of the report. It is clear from the three contributions that the report has already led to initial successes. The tenor: A closer exchange between grant-makers and beneficiaries cannot be achieved without additional resources, but it is an important step to further strengthen the cooperation between the two sides.

On 16 March, our online course (MOOC) «Entrepreneurship in Nonprofits» was launched for the second time. The start-date of the course can be chosen flexibly and we would be happy if you would click your way in. The MOOC is also part of our certificate course «Global Social Entrepreneurship». Learn more about the exciting projects that we will further develop within this year’s course on page 4.

We hope that even in these challenging times you will find time for this issue of Philanthropie Aktuell.

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