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New Publication: Swiss Foundation Report 2017

Swiss foundation sector keeps its dynamic course

The yearly Swiss Foundation Report is the most important information source on the current state of the Swiss foundation sector. It offers a comprehensive look at current data, facts and trends. This year's Foundation Report includes a regional focus on the growing foundation sector in the Romandy.
The Swiss Foundation Report 2017 is available in German and French. It is a project by CEPS, SwissFoundations, and the Center for Foundation Law at the University of Zurich. The Swiss Foundation Report is available as a free download on www.stiftungsreport.ch

By the end of 2016, the Swiss foundation sector included 13'172 charitable foundations. An increase by 349 foundations compared to the previous year signals the growth of the sector - one of the biggest national foundation sectors in Europe. It relies on tens of thousands of volunteers, showing how deeply foundations are integrated in Swiss society.