With our publications we aim to make an important contribution to the development of research and practice in the area of philanthropy. The CEPS regularly publishes its scientific findings in a number of scientific media, all of which can be found in our publication overview.

The CEPS is also (co)publisher of following publications.

Series «CEPS Forschung & Praxis» (in German)

The publications of this series contain current facts and figures concerning the areas of philanthropy and foundations, put propositions up for debate or report new findings from research applicable into practice. They are available for free online or can in some cases be ordered as hard copies. All volumes of the series are available in German, the Foundation Reports are available in German and French. As for now, only the Swiss Foundation Report 2016 has been translated into English. 

CEPS Working Papers

The CEPS working paper series, with ISSN 2296-7516, was initiated in 2014. It contains first and foremost contributions from the CEPS team. Contributions from outside the CEPS are also included, provided they have been presented at the CEPS beforehand. The main goal of the working papers is to encourage debate.

CEPS PhD Series

The CEPS PhD Series was launched in 2020 to present the dissertations written at CEPS in a compact form. Orders (fee required) can be placed directly via CEPS or via external providers (click on link).