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Currently, Master students from the Faculty of Business and Economics and the interdisciplinary Sustainable Development program can deepen their knowledge they acquired in their Bachelor degree by attending the lecture on Introduction to Corporate Responsibility and the Colloquium on Corporate Responsibility or by writing a Master thesis on nonprofit organizations and/or philanthropy. In cooperation with the Faculty of Law, we also offer Vorlesung zum Stiftungs-, Vereins- und Gemeinnützigkeitsrecht annually.

Other courses may also be available such as the Seminar Verantwortungslose Unternehmen? Konzepte und Ziele von Corporate Sustainability and the Seminar Verantwortungen zwischen Unternehmen und Gesellschaft: müssen, sollen, können.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Georg von Schnurbein

Corporate responsibility (CR) is more than a buzzword in modern business management. It is assessed primarily in environmental, social, and corporate governance considerations. The so-called ESG factors serve as a basis for strategic decision-making, marketing activities and company valuations on financial markets. In this colloquium, current scientific results on CR and relevant case studies will be discussed. Additionally, we plan a field trip to a local company to discuss, how corporate responsibility works today.

The learning objectives of this colloquium are the followings: a deeper understanding about the main concepts and methods of CR, application and discussion of the latest research findings; and the analysis of the practical implementation of CR based on case studies. The final assessment is a five-page discussion paper on a current research article on CR.

This course takes place in the fall semester. Further information can be found in the current course catalogue.

Lecturer:  Prof. Dr. Georg von Schnurbein

It is not only since the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) when companies have been called upon to better perceive their social responsibility or to make it recognizable. While at the beginning of corporate social responsibility (CSR) research there was still talk of voluntary services and "icing on the cake", today corporate responsibility (CR) is an integral part of corporate activities with great strategic importance. The CR of a company plays an increasingly important role when tendering for public contracts, being on the financial markets and engaging in the business media.  

In this lecture, students learn the theoretical basics of CR and receive an introduction to its practical implementation.

Learning objectives:

1. Students will be familiar with the basic theoretical approaches to corporate responsibility, including the development of corporate social responsibility, corporate sustainability and corporate citizenship.

2. Students will be familiar with the location of corporate responsibility in the strategic and organizational implementation in the company.

3. Students will be able to develop and critically assess corporate responsibility activities themselves

4. Students will get to know different areas of implementation (supply chain, human resources/team building, and corporate philanthropy) by means of case studies.


This course takes place in the spring semester. Further information can be found in the current course catalogue.


For further information, please change to the German version.

For further information, please change to the German version.

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