The CEPS collaborates with different partners in science and continuing education. We are also endeavoring to set up an active and diverse network on philanthropy and the foundation sector.

VU University Amsterdam, Center for Philanthropic Studies
Prof. Dr. René Bekkers

University of Basel, Faculty of Law
Prof. Dr. iur. Peter Jung

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Prof. Lucas C.P.M.Meijs

Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences (Swiss Distance UAS), Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI)
Prof. Dr. Daniel Zöbeli

Heidelberg University , Centre for Social Investment (CSI)
Prof. Dr. Helmut K. Anheier

University of Lugano, Ethics and Communication Law Center
Prof. Dr. Peter Seele

ESSEC Business School, Public and Private Policy Department
Prof. Anne-Claire Pache

University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Policy & Practice
Prof. Peter Frumkin

Vienna University of Economics and Business, Nonprofit Management Group
Prof. Dr. Michael Meyer

University of Zurich, Center for Foundation Law
Prof. Dr. iur. Dominique Jakob

ARNOVA Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action

The European Research Network on Philanthropy

ISTR International Society for Third-Sector Research

SKM - Study Center for Cultural Administration, University of Basel
The CEPS is closely collaborating with the SKM with respect to continuing education, amongst others in the realization of the daytime course about “Good Grant-seeking Applications”. The SKM is a competence centre, offering continuing education, formation, consulting and research in the intersection between culture and business administration, between culture production and culture politics.

The CEPS is joining forces with SwissFoundations, amongst others in the development of the Swiss Foundation Code. SwissFoundations is the Association of Swiss Grantmaking Foundations with the main goal to improve the image and the development possibilities of grant-making foundations in Switzerland.

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation
In collaboration with the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, the CEPS organizes the "Cours intensif en gestion des fondations" in Geneva. The course addresses people in leadership position of charitable foundations. sponsorship
The sponsorship is supported by CSSP – Center for Social and Sustainable Products AG together with the supporting partners of the European Education Initiative. It aims at helping and promoting researchers, lecturers and students interested in the field of sustainable economics and investments by giving them a better access to research information.

Association of Liechtenstein Charitable Foundations e.V. (VLGS)
Together with the VLGS, the CEPS organizes annual one-day seminars on foundation management in Liechtenstein. This reflects the increasing development of charitable foundations in Liechtenstein and the demand for knowledge and professional exchange.