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Philanthropie Aktuell 01/17: Capitalizing on Social Media

The triumph of social media seems unstoppable – it having arrived at the political level, as we’re currently seeing how the world’s most important economy is ruled, so to speak, via Twitter. In lines of just 140 characters there is a lot of room for misunderstandings. Condensation and reduction are important tools of marketing communication but it’s hardly possible to use them for NPO which rarely aim at short-term actions. Therefore setting goals for social media is a crucial task.

In the first edition of 2017, Philanthropie Aktuell covers social media in nonprofit organizations. Chao Guo, PhD, and Gregory D. Saxton, PhD, explain the new concept of social media capital in the leading article. In our interview Christian Bühler of WWF Switzerland explains the benefits and risks of Facebook and Twitter for NPO and how working with social media differs from conventional PR.

Since March, the CEPS has been a part of the social web as well: as @CEPS_Basel we now share current trends in philanthropy, new research findings and news from the foundation sector on Twitter.

We wish you an inspiring reading!

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