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Philanthropie Aktuell 03/2017: Young Academics in Philanthropy

The «philanthropic phenomenon» has reached new dimensions globally in recent years. This has also lead to a major advance in the scientific examination of this particular field. In this context, an increasing number of young academics is involved in expanding the knowledge on philanthropy, as the example of CEPS exemplifies.

The lead article of the newest edition of «Philanthropie Aktuell» gives insights into the developments in the field of philanthropy and the chances that this offers young academics. In further articles, CEPS PhD students Sophie Hersberger, Sara Stühlinger and Theresa Gehringer write about what challenges performing a PhD poses and the way in which the attendance of conferences and doctoral programmes helps advancing their own research.

What one can say for sure is that the area of philanthropy is developing rapidly and that the question of how philanthropy can influence the political, societal and economic landscape in positive ways will keep current and future generations of academics and practitioners busy.  

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