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Philanthropie Aktuell 2/2018: Professionalization in NPO

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The demands on the professionalism of nonprofit organizations are increasing from many sides. But what does this mean for NPO and how do they react to this demand? In the current issue of Philanthropie Aktuell we are looking for answers to these questions.


In the lead article "NPO in Flux: From Do-Gooders to Role Models" Hedy Graber, Director of Cultural and Social Affairs at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, discusses the increased demands on NPO, as well as their innovative power and their function as role models. In the interview on page 3, Eleonora Quadri, research associate to the management and responsible for quality/risk management at Pro Infirmis, gives us insights into how her organization deals with this call for professionalization.

It is also important for CEPS to support organizations in their development. Our research activities have resulted in two self-evaluation tools, "Governance Self-Assessment" and "NPO Entwicklungskapitale", which are available free of charge. We present these two tools on page 2 – and also talk about the "success factor" exchange.  

We are particularly pleased to be able to bring the international dimension of philanthropy to Basel in our anniversary year 2018: on the one hand as part of the CAS Global Social Entrepreneurship and on the other with the first "Basel Convention on Philanthropy", which is being held by CEPS in Basel on November 19th and 20th 2018. Find out more on page 4.

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