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Swiss Foundation Report 2021: Temporary foundation models are the trend

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Foundations continue to be attractive, but there are signs of a change in the lifespan of foundations.

The Swiss Foundation Report 2021 confirms that the establishment of foundations is still very attractive in Switzerland. However, the sector is increasingly feeling the effects of more regulation and changing conditions on the financial markets. Many foundations are being liquidated, and increasingly foundations are no longer being set up for eternity but are intended to pursue their purpose for a limited lifespan.

For a foundation, assets are not only a means to an end but also the basis of its existence. The Swiss Foundation Report shows how many foundations already orient their assets toward stocks and bonds with sustainability criteria.

This year's twelfth edition of the Swiss Foundation Report again comprehensively documents developments in the Swiss foundation sector with facts and figures and on legal developments in the sector. In addition, the report highlights current trends in Switzerland and abroad by presenting the results of various studies relating to the foundation sector.

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