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Foundation Report 2022 - The foundation sector is moving enormously

A new foundation every day - philanthropic commitment in Switzerland is attractive

The Foundation Report 2022 confirms that, despite the corona pandemic, 365 new foundations have been established in Switzerland - more than at any time in the last five years. Net growth has even doubled compared to the previous year, even though the number of liquidations remains high at 219. With a total of 13,524 foundations at the end of 2021, Switzerland still leads the world in terms of foundation density.

The report also shows that new funding approaches such as "impact investing", "social entrepreneurship" and philanthropic societies are on the rise.

This year's thirteenth edition of the Swiss Foundation Report again comprehensively documents developments in the Swiss foundation sector with facts and figures as well as background information on legal developments in the sector. In addition, the report highlights current trends in Switzerland and abroad and presents the results of various studies relating to the foundation sector.

The entire Foundation Report 2022 is available here