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Two new Publications by our Doctoral Students

Last week, two publications by our doctoral students at the CEPS were published in academic journals. 

In her empirical publication, Alice Hengevoss examines the influence of non-profit organisations (NPOs) on multi-actor global governance initiatives. The study contributes to the discussion on the increasing political role of NPOs and provides empirical evidence on their political leadership and influence on multi-actor global governance initiatives. The publication is available free of charge on the MDPI website.

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) often find themselves under pressure to invest all of their available income in mission-related activities rather than in capacity building. This can lead to a ‘lock-in’ status for organizations. In their publication, Sara Stühlinger and Sophie Hersberger-Langloh examine how the sources of funding pursued by an organisation can influence the decision to invest in capacity-building tasks. The publication is available free of charge on the Springer Verlag website