Swiss Philanthropy Studies Workshop

The Swiss Philanthropy Studies Workshop was launched in 2015. At this annual event, members of the CEPS Research Fellow Network meet to discuss research projects and discuss developments in the field of philanthropy.

September 23, 2021 

The seventh Swiss Philanthropy Studies Workshop of the CEPS Research Fellow Network took place on September 23, 2021. Due to the pandemic situation, the workshop was organized in a hybrid way. This allowed 10 participants to participate on-site and another 10 participants to participate online. The following current topics were discussed: 

- Digitalization of civil society in Switzerland (Oto Potluka, Dominik Meier, Matthias Meyer).

- Development of civil society in Poland (Aleksandra Belina).

- The role of social innovation in society (Mariana Melnykovych)

- Impactful family philanthropy (Malgorzata Kurak)

- Financial options of NPOs (Luzius Neubert)

25 November 2020

The sixth Swiss Philanthropy Studies Workshop of the CEPS Research Fellow Network took place on November 25, 2020. Due to the Corona pandemic, participants met online in an abbreviated workshop that included three presentations on the topics of volunteers and sustainable investing.

  • Gelingender Einsatz von Freiwilligen in der Interprofessionellen Versorgung (Georg von Schnurbein, Florian Liberatore)
  • Why people volunteer again, and why they stop: What survey data from Switzerland and Germany tell us (Sigrid Haunberger, Oto Potluka)
  • Sustainable investing: What are regulatory initiatives in Switzerland, and what can nonprofits do? (Luzius Neubert)

26 September 2019

On 26 September 2019, the CEPS Research Fellows met for the fifth Swiss Philanthropy Studies Workshop. Among the topics discussed at this year's workshop were:

  •     Volunteer work (Georg von Schnurbein, Florian Liberatore, Sigrid Haunberger, Oto Potluka)
  •     Legal issues of taxation and philanthropy (Giedre Lideikyte Huber, Philip Balsiger, Alexandre Lambelet, Caroline Honegger, Romain Carnac)
  •     Compensation of members of the foundation boards (Daniel Zöbeli)
  •     Transdisciplinary philanthropy research (Sybille Studer), e.g. cooperation of NPOs and corporations (Rebecca Reichenbach, Jörg Lindenmeier) or the public sector (Manuela Barreca)
  •     New research topics in philanthropy (Marcella Müller, Jörg Lindenmeier)

11 September 2018

The CEPS Research Fellows met again this year – for the fourth time – at the Swiss Philanthropy Studies Workshop. The following exciting topics were discussed:

  •     Empirical Study on Participation in the Online Hospitality Network (Jana Juric and Jörg Lindenmeier)
  •     The Role of Nonprofits in Knowledge and Technology Transfer (Titian Fritz)
  •     Patient Co-Creation: Perspectives and Challenges for Research and Practice (Florian Liberatore)
  •     Bitcoins, Robo-advice and Crowdfunding: Suitable for grant-making foundations? (Luzius Neubert)
  •     Transformative Leadership (Karin Jors / Jörg Lindenmeier) and Formal and Informal Leadership in Local Development (Oto Potluka)
  •     Consumer resistance behavior among clients (Stefan Trautwein / Jörg Lindenmeier)
  •     Future expectations of NPOs and evolving research topics (Georg von Schnurbein)

20 September 2017

On September 20, the CEPS Research Fellows met for the third Swiss Philanthropy Studies Workshop. The following research topics were discussed:

  • Purpose-based Organisations in the German speaking World (Matthias Meyer)
  • Using egocentric social network analysis for assessing the effect of word-of-mouth on campaign effectiveness (Florian Liberatore)
  • Cultural differences in charitable giving: A case of Röstigraben (Oto Potluka and Sophie Hersberger)
  • Tax Authorities, Philanthropic Foundations, and the Recognition of Public Utility: the Moving Boundaries of the Welfare State in Switzerland (Alexandre Lambelet)
  • A Logic Framework Approach to Nonprofit Investment Management (Tizian M. Fritz)
  • Reserve and Investment Policy of Swiss Nonprofits (Luzius Neubert)
  • Parental Satisfaction – der Einfluss von Ko-Produktion auf die Zufriedenheit mit Kindertageseinrichtungen (Ann-Kathrin Seemann and Jörg Lindemeier)

27 September 2016

The following research topics were discussed:

  • Effects of Mission-based Portfolio Selection (Tizian M. Fritz)
  • Investment returns and management fees of grant-making foundations in Switzerland (Luzius Neubert)
  • Volunteering and social integration (Sybille Studer)
  • Local politicians as civil society representatives (Oto Potluka)
  • “Zweckbasierung” of Nonprofit and Public Organisations (Matthias Meyer)
  • Networked Governance in Global Health Partnerships (Marybel Perez and Georg von Schnurbein)

Der Schwankungsfonds: Finanzierung sozialer Einrichtungen im Umbruch (Daniel Zöbeli)

6 October 2015

The following research topics were discussed:

  • Mission Investing and financial management of foundations (Luzius Neubert and Silvia Rudigier)
  • Comparative research of the third sector (Theresa Gehringer, Marybel Perez and Georg von Schnurbein)
  • role of non-profit organizations in the formation of public policy (Oto Potluka)
  • provision of public services on a local level (Matthias Meyer)

In addition, the participants discussed the further development of the network and the preparation of mutual research projects.