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General economic situation becomes more important for Swiss NPO activities

A study by the Center for Philanthropy Studies has surveyed the influence of the market environment on NPOs and their expectations for the future for the second time since 2017.

In the study, the greatest challenges for Swiss NPO were identified as the generation of funds and financial stability. In addition, too little public awareness is often seen as a problem. Notably, the achievement of impact and the use of new technologies are coming more into focus.

The study "Konjunkturbarometer: A Trend Analysis of the Swiss NPO Sector" shows how NPO react to economic developments in their environment and which development goals are in focus. In addition, the publication gives an indication of which factors should be taken into account in a potential NPO economic barometer. 101 executives of NPO in Switzerland participated in the study.

Volume 25 of the series "CEPS Forschung & Praxis" is available as a free download or can be ordered in printed form.